I had my first seizure when I was in the sixth grade. We had just gone outside for recess. All of a sudden I didn’t feel good and tried to find a friend to help me get to the nurse. Then everything went black… The last place I remember standing was on the concrete near the gym. When I woke in the nurse’s office, my mom looked so scared and her friend was yelling at the nurse to call for an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I didn’t realize where I was or who I was looking at. After the ambulance ride to the hospital and spending time in the ER, they sent me home. I was really drowsy for a few weeks and didn’t feel good. As days went by and a few more seizures, I learned more about epilepsy. It was a grand mal seizure. I also learned that I was found a good distance from where I blacked out. The school staff didn’t have the training or knowledge on what to do when a child is having a seizure. They picked me up while I was seizing and didn’t call an ambulance because the school buses were there… After a few weeks and visits from my guidance counselor and teacher, I finally got up the courage to go back to school. For the next few years of school, I was teased because of my seizures. It was hell for a while. There were lots of doctors’ appointments and testing but they never found a cause for it. They said maybe it was due to hormones. To this day, every day of my life, I still worry that I will have them again and what will happen if I do.