The Middleboro High School Student Council hosted their annual charity pasta dinner on Friday, October 9, 2015 and chose to support the Living for Kimberly foundation. The event included many members of student council, teachers and faculty, MHS Alumni and Kimberly’s family and friends. With their support, the dinner became the first official event for our foundation and it raised $1,500 for LFK!

This event was especially important because Kimberly was an active student council member in high school and served as student body president her senior year. Some of her favorite high school memories are because of her involvement in student council. The high school cafeteria, where the event took place, was decorated with purple and white balloons, large purple letters spelling out “Living for Kimberly” along the entire side of the café and several pictures of Kimberly and her friends participating in student council events.

Although it was a very emotional night, the support and kind words from former teachers, faculty and friends was overwhelming. Kimberly’s siblings, all graduates of Middleboro High School, were back at MHS reflecting on their personal memories and those that everyone shared of Kimberly. To know that Kimberly not only left a mark on us, but also the entire Middleboro community is an irreplaceable feeling.

Thank you to the MHS Student Council for honoring Kimberly and for helping us to kick off our foundation. A special shout-out to Mr. Paul Branagan, Principal at MHS, for not only helping us with this event but for being an outstanding inspiration and friend to our family, the MHS Community and of course, Kimberly. Your generosity will never go unnoticed and we are truly grateful.